Saturday, January 26, 2008

On Puns

Dedicated to my sister who first pulled this on me... and opened a new world of Dhivehi puns for me.


  1. kekekek... never heard this one before. cant wait to pull it on some1 now.

  2. why not do the dhivehi versions in Thaana?

  3. yeah nass i like nass's idea
    i love your work!

  4. hmmm... thing is this is a one time thing. There probably will never be another one in Dhivehi. But if I ever do another one in Dhivehi I will use Thaana, ok?

    Thanks .mini, all comments and criticism will help me make this better.

  5. no no! no dhivehi script please! i hate reading dhivehi *sulk*

    nice work.
    loving ur comics.
    pls dont stop k?

  6. Hehehe... no need to sulk yet, Bulhaa. It might never happen. And thanks. Not planning on stopping but am going to run out of ideas sooner or later. Not too soon I hope.


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