Friday, February 15, 2008

On Romance

Having limited internet can really put a damper on your love life these days...


  1. heheheh I like this one.

  2. i thought the girl was his sister O.o

  3. heheh yeah that's an honest mistake bulhaa. I wanted to address that and clarify the relationship with this one.

    Several things have been left too vague as far as the characters are concerned. So there might be some more surprises as things are revealed in upcoming strips.

  4. so erm. i think i stumbled upon ur journal on multiply. almost commented but then i realized that it required me to make a multiply account which i would rather not do.
    just thought of telling ya.

  5. lmao!! this is sooo funny. haha.

  6. LOL hmm v realistic hehehe
    me likey!
    n i luv ur characters looks they r sooo cute


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