Thursday, February 7, 2008

On Swimming Pools

Now who wouldn't want to see that, eh?


  1. Lashes on the girl? That's a new change. So your art going to keep evolving all the time? Not saying its a bad thing necessarily but consistency might be a good idea for a comic strip.

  2. I'm surprised anyone noticed the lashes. I didn't think it was even visible in the JPG. It was just a minor change and yeah it probably is going to evolve as I go along. Getting all the expressions I want with just the eyes is kind of difficult so am even thinking of adding hands sometime in the future.

  3. not me O.o
    nice strip!

  4. haaahaaa i know someone who thought Google Earth waz realtime and went out of his house and waved Hi into the sky then came back inside to ask everyone if they had seen her... Lol but watching our zaeem doing a bellyflop is certainly not on my list of gulty pleasurez

  5. Kekeke you know even I couldve done the same thing Kaafa did after knowing about it HAHAHAHA


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